How To Speed Up Internet on your Home PC/Laptops

You might have wondered why your internet is running slow, even tough you recently upgraded your internet connection or you already have a fast internet connection. With this simple tweak you can speed up your internet by 20 %.
Actually, Microsoft reserves 20% of your bandwidth for windows related stuff like windows updates, troubleshoot reports etc. The tweak is that you just have to set the bandwidth for windows to 0% and your internet would definitely speed up.

Follow these simple steps to speed up internet by 20%:

  • Go to RUN then type “gpedit.msc” and press enter
  • then open computer configuration > Open Administrative Templates > Open Network > Open QOS Packet Scheduler >Here open the file “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” by double clicking on it.
  • Here you would see that the “disabled” option would be checked but it is by default set to 20% even when disabled as you can read in the above snapshot. You just have to check the “Enable” option and set the bandwidth limit to 0%, which would speed up internet and ensure that you utilize 100% of your bandwidth for yourself and not for windows. This is a pretty helpful tweak for those who have slow internet connections.


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